Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

Taking money that belongs to others isn’t right; it’s normally considered criminal behavior. When the corporate treasury is being pilfered by executives driven by envy and an over sized ego, we have to have the means to reign them in.

Ranting about the actions of others is a great way to create division. I’d rather we work together to make things better for society and for each other. In our system directors are intended to perform the oversight function in order to ensure capitalism has a fair chance of thriving. Independent thinking is often compromised by patronage appointments and the end result is damage to society in the form of destroyed dreams and the ability to self determine our future.
David O. Friedrichs authored an excellent article titled, “Exhorbitant CEO compensation: just reward or grand theft?” In that article Friedrich outlines a case against what he described as criminal behavior in the executive boardroom. White collar crime is taking place where big money talks, influencing law makers and resulting in deterioration to the fabric of society.


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