The Cry of the Loonie

Posted on: January 19th, 2016 by David Atwood 1 Comment

When our currency is devalued, our purchasing power is eroded and many of us are uncomfortable with the implications.  Last week it was reported that a head of cauliflower was selling for $7.00 in Ottawa and Toronto.  Travelling out of the country is costing 30% more than it did only 18 months ago.  Bottled water […]

Do Something Syndrome

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Reading time, 3 minutes, 5 seconds Another of the more pronounced human behaviours to influence our personal and investment outcomes is the urge to do something. The Do Something Syndrome may do more harm than good so it is worthy of consideration. Have you ever been delayed by traffic and quickly created “plan B” to […]

Eggs in a Basket

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Diversification is what fools do to hide their mistakes. Warren Buffett According to the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett, and his best friend and business partner, Charlie Munger, there are really big flaws in what is being taught about investing in finance schools. In 2005 at the Berkshire Hathaway AGM, Munger commented, “modern investment theories […]

The Folly and Bliss of Diversification

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There is a tide of human emotion at play where it concerns most things humans do. Animal spirits have a way of influencing many outcomes, including the lines we draw in the sand and the positions we take when we’re investing.In the normal day to day, we imagine much of what we want to believe […]

Year of the Step Forward

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Happy New Year! Thank you for “be- in” with me.I am privy to relationships with my clients at a level of personal confidence that implies a great deal of trust. The trust confided in me has blown into a full fledged passion for my vocation, a love for what I do. The time passes quickly, […]

Thanksgiving Punch

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Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes, 26 seconds (if you read out loud!) Link: David Atwood Blog – Speakeasy – Thanksgiving PunchHappy Thanksgiving! As we give thanks, recognizing all that we have to be thankful for, my hope for you is that you find abundance! Much of the good that is taking place around us appears […]

What’s Your Story?

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Link: David Atwood Blog – Speakeasy – What’s Your Story?Many of the day to day events we experience are random, unexpected, and otherwise unplanned. We are often inclined to thread these singular events and their unintended consequences into the fabric of a story, one that helps to explain the connection of these random events to […]

Filtering for Truth

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Link: David Atwood Blog – Speakeasy – Filtering for TruthIn my role as a financial advisor I am often called upon by my clients to serve as a primary filter for financial information.As one may expect, during times of financial uncertainty, there is a lot of sludge dredged up from the bottom of the barrel […]

Asinine Theory Exposed by Octogenarian

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Link: David Atwood Blog – Speakeasy – Asinine Theory Exposed by OctogenarianThe emotional scars left by the twin beat downs of 2002-03 and 2008-09 are still healing, even though portfolios have rebounded “nicely” off of the bottom both times, and every time in history before that.For those who may be suffering, the lingering damage to […]

E-News Archives at

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