Year of the Step Forward

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Happy New Year! Thank you for “be- in” with me. I am privy to relationships with my clients at a level of personal confidence that implies a great deal of trust. The trust confided in me has blown into a full fledged passion for my vocation, a love for what I do. The time passes […]

Thanksgiving Punch

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Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes, 26 seconds (if you read out loud!) Link: David Atwood Blog – Speakeasy – Thanksgiving Punch Happy Thanksgiving! As we give thanks, recognizing all that we have to be thankful for, my hope for you is that you find abundance! Much of the good that is taking place around us […]

What’s Your Story?

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Link: David Atwood Blog – Speakeasy – What’s Your Story? Many of the day to day events we experience are random, unexpected, and otherwise unplanned. We are often inclined to thread these singular events and their unintended consequences into the fabric of a story, one that helps to explain the connection of these random events […]

Filtering for Truth

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Link: David Atwood Blog – Speakeasy – Filtering for Truth In my role as a financial advisor I am often called upon by my clients to serve as a primary filter for financial information. As one may expect, during times of financial uncertainty, there is a lot of sludge dredged up from the bottom of […]

Asinine Theory Exposed by Octogenarian

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Link: David Atwood Blog – Speakeasy – Asinine Theory Exposed by Octogenarian The emotional scars left by the twin beat downs of 2002-03 and 2008-09 are still healing, even though portfolios have rebounded “nicely” off of the bottom both times, and every time in history before that. For those who may be suffering, the lingering […]

E-News Archives at

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We work hard to keep all our clients informed about important financial topics. To this end, we co-publish a monthly e-Newsletter full of articles and links to help our clients make smart choices about their money.

US Debt Downgrade

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We’ve been experiencing another round of market jitters in the past while, this time on the heels of a downgrade to US treasury notes. At times like this many people find it difficult to ignore the noise and distraction. As with similarly unpleasant disturbances in the past, there are remedies we’ve been using that make […]

The Chirp of the Gold Bug

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The current environment of uncertainty gives rise to speculation, where actions are taken without regard for all of the facts. While many will continue to regard the future with pessimism, there are those that will behave in the same calculated manner as they have always done.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. – AGM 2011

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The Annual General Meeting of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is about the biggest thing to hit the city of Omaha, Nebraska every year. Airlines schedule extra flights, hotel rooms fill up, car rentals are scarce, and reservations are needed for dinner. The normally placid city is over run with tourists of capitalism. This is my account […]

Money Can’t Buy Me Love!

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There are some really good messages in this short animation. Good health, fame and fortune, and everything in the world aren’t necessarily going to bring you the love of the people you care about. How much is enough? What do you really want? What can an advisor do to help? This “new” tool in the […]