US Debt Downgrade

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We’ve been experiencing another round of market jitters in the past while, this time on the heels of a downgrade to US treasury notes. At times like this many people find it difficult to ignore the noise and distraction. As with similarly unpleasant disturbances in the past, there are remedies we’ve been using that make […]

The Chirp of the Gold Bug

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The current environment of uncertainty gives rise to speculation, where actions are taken without regard for all of the facts. While many will continue to regard the future with pessimism, there are those that will behave in the same calculated manner as they have always done.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. – AGM 2011

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The Annual General Meeting of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is about the biggest thing to hit the city of Omaha, Nebraska every year. Airlines schedule extra flights, hotel rooms fill up, car rentals are scarce, and reservations are needed for dinner. The normally placid city is over run with tourists of capitalism. This is my account […]

Money Can’t Buy Me Love!

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There are some really good messages in this short animation. Good health, fame and fortune, and everything in the world aren’t necessarily going to bring you the love of the people you care about. How much is enough? What do you really want? What can an advisor do to help? This “new” tool in the […]

Climbing the Wall of Worry

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This article was written for clients during the recovery of the great recession in the summer of 2010. Looking into the immediate past to predict the future is rarely a good idea. The article also includes a reference to the disconnect that can exist between economic growth and stock market performance that many people overlook. […]

Executive Compensation

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Taking money that belongs to others isn’t right; it’s normally considered criminal behavior. When the corporate treasury is being pilfered by executives driven by envy and an over sized ego, we have to have the means to reign them in.Ranting about the actions of others is a great way to create division. I’d rather we […]

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. – 2010 AGM

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We are about a month away from the Annual General Meeting of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Berkshire is the canvas on which Warren Buffett has painted his masterpiece for capitalism and the sanctuary created for a family of about 65,000 happy shareholders.This will be my 12th visit since 1998. What can I say? Warren and his […]