Capture MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System

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Advances in healthcare technology are increasing life expectancy.  Save the humans so that the planet we call home is inhabited by a species that can compound knowledge for the benefit of all living things.  

Self Parking Vehicle

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The convenience of being dropped off at the door is appealing, although I’m not sure how badly I need this convenience. More importantly is the potential and the implications of new technologies.

iDoctor – Dr. Eric Topal

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Dr. Eric Topal has long been one of the world’s foremost cardiologists. He has now become the foremost experts in the exploding field of wireless medicine. And this explosion, he says, is about to make our health care better and cheaper. Watch what […]

New Flying Machine!

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At the end of October 2011, Thomas Senkel of e-volo made the first manned flight with an e-powered multicopter at an airstrip in the southwest of Germany. The flight lasted one minute and 30 seconds, after which the constructor and test pilot stated: “The flight characteristics are good natured. Without any steering input it would […]

3D Printing

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Link: AmboTechnologies, ZPrinter® 650 A close personal friend recently commented on 3D Printing technology because this technology is in use where he works at the National Research Council. The “scanning” of the tool is more of a concept than it practically appears. An earlier video link showed a crescent wrench being reproduced from a “scan”. […]

Table Saw Technology

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Link: reposted on You Tube – SAWSTOP in TimeWarp Building things with a fast moving blade can be dangerous. All organisms, including humans, have the ability to regenerate something in the body. But the process is much more developed in lower organisms such as plants, protists — unicellular organisms such as bacteria, algae, and […]

Architecture that Builds and Repairs Itself

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Link: – Rachel Armstrong – Architecture That Repairs Itself The impact of innovation is easy to underestimate when assessing our future. We can’t be sure of the outcomes of various technologies that have yet to be discovered or implemented. Our concern is that our relationship with the environment will be compromised by our economic […]

Plastic Recycling

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Link: Our World 2.0 – United Nations University, Plastic to Oil Fantastic Technology like this represents hope for the future. I haven’t seen the cost/benefit analysis of what it takes to produce the oil from recycled plastic but the environmental benefit is clear. Anything produced with the benefit of scale becomes relatively cheap. Looking forward, […]