US Price Earnings Ratios

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  US Earnings are on sale, especially if you’re Canadian. Canadians paid over 45x earnings to buy U.S. stocks in 2002 and in the following 10 years their annualized returns were -1.9% (CAD). The last time earnings were this cheap in December 1988 the following 10 years produced annualized returns of 21.9% (CAD). Source: S&P, […]

Sorry Kids!

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Daniel Kahneman – Big Picture Thinking

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People are not fully rational. They make many choices about money and other things that if they reflected on it, they might do things differently.

Why the Global Warming Agenda is Wrong

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A debunking of the global warming agenda, from Roy W. Spencer, former NASA climatologist and climate expert. Why not let time, and the efficient forces of supply and demand, human ingenuity, the power of the free market, and inovative technological improvements far beyond those we have currently created solve our challenges? If it turns out […]

Concentration of Wealth Throughout History

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This chart shows the economic prosperity of the world since the times of Jesus. In the beginning, economic prosperity was largely a function of where the largest populations were located. Prosperity had more to do with the number of births and deaths than actual productivity. Since the industrial revolution, productivity enhancements have been driving prosperity […]

Michael Norton – How to buy happiness

Posted on: May 9th, 2012 by David Atwood No Comments We may conclude incorrectly that we can’t buy happiness, but let’s face it, the options are a whole lot better with money than without! In this video message from one of my favorite sources, the case is made for buying happiness. The application is nearly universal, yet it may not be what you think! […]

For Ordinary People With Extraordinary Dreams

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Canadian Currency Conspiracy – Colbert Report

Posted on: April 27th, 2012 by David Atwood No Comments Like all red blooded Americans, Colbert despises Canada – what with their fiscal sensibility and free healthcare – and vows not to let us get away with it. Glow in the dark quarters may be driving tourism to the great white north.

U.S. Corporate Cash Levels Rising

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The ratio of cash and cash equivalents on the balance sheet of US non-financial corporations has reached levels unseen since the fourth quarter of 1963. Companies have benefited from improved profitability following cost cutting measures during the financial crisis, while cautiously postponing investment. The scare triggered by the liquidity crisis at the lows of the […]

DJIA with P/E

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Here is a picture worth a 1,000 words, so I’ll keep the explanation short! The top half of this chart makes it clear that stock prices can remain bound within a trading range for long periods of time. Range bound periods ought to come as no surprise seeing how routinely they appear following long periods […]